It's Finally Here! (and other stories)

(images by Sarah Kriner 

Back in January 2012 I started a little blog. I didn't know what I was doing - I just wanted to share my pictures with the world...or something like that. From there my story sounds much like your common photographer. I had been taking pictures for a couple of years before that and, after mulling over some clever brand name choices (like "Point of View Photography"...I kid you not),  had cleverly branded myself "Mackenzie Hope Photography". Sounded solid enough. I took pictures of anything and everything. Eventually buying myself a "big" camera (it wasn't that big) and continuing to grow. 

I shot my first wedding at 16 years of age. Bless the lovely couple that put their lives (or the life of their wedding photos)  in my incapable hands. I had no idea what I was doing but only what I had read in books and other blogs. From that day on I had a dream to become a wedding photographer. 

I honestly didn't what I was getting myself into - it has been quite the journey. 

So, here's to the start of something new and exciting! Join me as I continue to take pictures, learn new things, have plenty of adventures and drink lots of tea (very important you know). 

Yours truly,

Mackenzie Hope ("Kenzie" works too)