Aris // Northwest Indiana Portrait Photographer

Aris is the kind of person who makes others feel special- and that is an amazing trait to have. . Aris has been the person who has taught me what it is to be totally okay with being "you". She is fearless and never turns down the opportunity to wear a cool color of lipstick.  She is bold, brave, honest, and funny.

All in all I think she is pretty great. 

-Mackenzie Hope

David and Holly // Northwest Indiana Engagement Photographer

You know that feeling when you walk away with time with someone and you feel just so "filled up"? That is how I felt with Holly and David. These two love each other so much, and their joy and love for each other overflows to others. 

I seriously can't wait until their wedding day. It's going to be one big happy party. 

In Which We Go To a Studio

So here's the thing: when you have three girls who are photographers, you must (must) take pictures together...and bring along other lovely people to take pictures of. So that's exactly what we did.

Donuts may have been involved as well.

-Mackenzie Hope-