Clem // Chicago Portrait Photographer

Clem is one of those people you notice in a room first. Not only does she have the best hair I have ever seen and a magnificent sense of style, but she has a heart of gold that shows amazing amounts of kindness and love for others. With layers of beauty and uniqueness, she is one of those people who only gets better with acquaintance.   

-Mackenzie Hope

Aris // Northwest Indiana Portrait Photographer

Aris is the kind of person who makes others feel special- and that is an amazing trait to have. . Aris has been the person who has taught me what it is to be totally okay with being "you". She is fearless and never turns down the opportunity to wear a cool color of lipstick.  She is bold, brave, honest, and funny.

All in all I think she is pretty great. 

-Mackenzie Hope