Zack and Delaney // Northwest Indiana Lifestyle Photographer

Classy, cool and cute - that's Zack and Delaney. They've been married for a couple of years now and are still as in love as ever. My favorite thing about them is their willingness to love others. Separately they are each loving individuals, but together they make a beautiful team - better than ever.  I see them as two of the most lovely individuals, not just because of their looks, but beacuse of their hearts. 

-Mackenzie Hope 

Chris and Deborah // Northeast Indiana Wedding Photographer

It was a simple day.
There was not a lot of fuss over if the flowers were perfect or not, or if the dress had a smudge on it.

 It was the kind of wedding day that made me want to do weddings every day. It was perfect. But it was perfect beacuse of the people that were there. Yes, Chris and Deborah love each other a whole bunch, but they also love those around them - their wedding day was not about them, it was about others. 

Thanks to Sarah Kriner for shooting with me, she's a gem. 

-Mackenzie Hope

Tylor and Krysten // Northwest Indiana Couples Photographer

There are times when I will let my imagination go just a little and ideas come to me in a flood. Sometimes that happens when I am just sitting and thinking. Sometimes it happens when I am driving down a street at sunset. Sometimes if happens over one of my many cups of tea. This shoot had been one that both was inspired and was inspiring. I love getting to do this stuff.  It's the best.

-Mackenzie Hope

Thanks to Johnson's Farm/Produce  for letting us explore their lovely place.