Zack and Delaney // Northwest Indiana Lifestyle Photographer

Classy, cool and cute - that's Zack and Delaney. They've been married for a couple of years now and are still as in love as ever. My favorite thing about them is their willingness to love others. Separately they are each loving individuals, but together they make a beautiful team - better than ever.  I see them as two of the most lovely individuals, not just because of their looks, but beacuse of their hearts. 

-Mackenzie Hope 

Clem // Chicago Portrait Photographer

Clem is one of those people you notice in a room first. Not only does she have the best hair I have ever seen and a magnificent sense of style, but she has a heart of gold that shows amazing amounts of kindness and love for others. With layers of beauty and uniqueness, she is one of those people who only gets better with acquaintance.   

-Mackenzie Hope

Tim and Hadassah // Northwest Indiana Wedding Photographer

Tim and Hadassah's wedding day was a simple, peaceful day. Close friends and family gathered with them at a local park to watch them exchange vows then at a local cafe for dinner. There were no unnecessary frills or grandeur - just two people who were really excited to marry each other.