Chris and Deborah // Northeast Indiana Wedding Photographer

It was a simple day.
There was not a lot of fuss over if the flowers were perfect or not, or if the dress had a smudge on it.

 It was the kind of wedding day that made me want to do weddings every day. It was perfect. But it was perfect beacuse of the people that were there. Yes, Chris and Deborah love each other a whole bunch, but they also love those around them - their wedding day was not about them, it was about others. 

Thanks to Sarah Kriner for shooting with me, she's a gem. 

-Mackenzie Hope

David and Holly // Northwest Indiana Engagement Photographer

You know that feeling when you walk away with time with someone and you feel just so "filled up"? That is how I felt with Holly and David. These two love each other so much, and their joy and love for each other overflows to others. 

I seriously can't wait until their wedding day. It's going to be one big happy party.