I am Mackenzie (and I have never really felt good at writing introductions). 

I am 6'1'' (6'2'' on bad days), and, no, I don't play basketball (just watch me try to walk and you'll understand). I love tea, and admittedly drink far too much of it. I talk a lot, but laugh more. I spent enough of my childhood living in Europe to feel decidedly European, but now spend most of my days as a barista at a coffee shop in a mid-sized town in Indiana. My favorite words, rather concepts, are 'cozy,' 'travel,' and 'adventure' (did I mention tea?). When I was 10, I was determined to be an actress (meh, that didn't really work out). 

I am a photographer because I have two passions: people and beauty.

That is a pittance about me. Head over to "The Art" page to understand my photography and why I do it.